Sunday, June 24, 2018

Ya know, living is so much easier when you have no fear of death...
The pathetic needle-dicks don't like it when I name them for what they are.  They just now hit me hard on my left arm.  Turned bright red and began itching like hell, but I have an effective counter measure.

They are such predictable, pitiable little dog turds.

I mean, what the hell?  It's basic Pavlov/B.F. Skinner.  Psych 101.  I stimulate them with ridicule and they respond with the usual tantrum.

Dumber'n fuck!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Now two hits on each, but none on the last one.

The beat goes on...
One hit on both posts 57 minutes after the entries.

So we will see...
Last post 40 minutes ago.  No hit. Highly atypical.

I always trust my gut.
I smell shit on the breeze!  Something's coming down!

Saturday night.

Snails have pulled back.


Couple hours ago, my lady heard rustling outside.   Oops!

A long night ahead...
Without doubt...