Friday, December 14, 2018

As a long dead friend was fond of saying, it is what it is.
Interesting night last night.  An obvious situation.  No wonder your boy was smirking.

Now you've jammed up my blog.

No wonder you hit my Amazon feed. The reason is obvious.

C-ya tonight, most likely.

Much more simple to knock on my door today.

\You do, however, have a flair for the dramatic.
I dedicated and repeatedly risked my very life for that airline of yours I flew for and you treat me like this?  As everyone else fled, I remained, to be fired by a fucking crew scheduler cum CEO shitbag who was very likely getting blow jobs from that blonde bimbo.  You know who I mean. Two cunts!

What kind of savages are you?

Rot in hell!

And you will!

Fuck you!
Your boy's all buttoned up for the night. Either that, or he's out on the prowl. Better not prowl here.  Who knows?  He might suddenly lose that recently acquired smirk he's been seen wearing...
Here comes Germany again.  Suppose you finally gave up on Romania.  Fucking idiots!  Germany is riddled with CIA scum.  I know.  I once based there.
You dumfuks can't even successfully hack my computer.  I rebooted three times and, each time, up you dumfuks popped!

Back.  Fuck you!

I said what I needed to say elsewhere and scared one of your scumbags in the process! Every one of you should be moldering in some concrete hole in Gitmo.  God willing, you soon will be.  Or dead.