Sunday, February 18, 2018

It's still a mystery to me why I had you Feebs crawling all over my old ass last year. Of course, discourtesy and arrogance are your hallmarks, with the occasional murder thrown in for good measure. None of you cunts has ever told me what lit you up! I must have pissed off one of your elitist masters who snap their fingers and off you go shooting people and murdering women and children, but WTF?

You have violated my Constitutional rights and my family, such as it is, has conspired with you to do it.  They deserve to die painful deaths, but I cannot kill my own daughter and her cuck husband because they have a beautiful child who depends upon them. Were they anyone else, they would have been worm food a year ago. I have yet to take a human life.  I cannot begin by taking theirs.

Betrayal is one of the three or four worst sins a person can commit against a family member or a close friend. Likely the absolute worst, and you shitsacks intimidated both my family and a few of the casual friends I had at the time and have yet to offer me either a reason or an explanation. You are cowards of the first order! You are pure evil.  Satan's spawn.

Your boys in DC are prime examples of the pinnacle of treachery, attempting to actively overthrow the duly elected President of this, the country of my forefathers and the one I swore to defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  You are definitely catalogued among the latter!

And, of course, most of America has by now discerned that you Feebs are nothing but the elitists' Brown Shirts and sworn enemies of our American Republic!  Hitler would be proud of you, were he still around.

You are the scum of the earth.
Hey, shitbirds! I could care less if you're blocking my stats. I write this for myself and to flip you off, shitsacks!

Have a wonderful evening... LMAO!

Friday, February 16, 2018

"Traffic sources" still blocked.  Guess the snails want to prevent me from knowing who is tagging me. Of course, they're stone to the bone cowards, so that comes as no surprise.

Whatever the case, I am read worldwide. I truly appreciate it.

The slow kill continues. Their attacks have become savage during the past three weeks or so.  They're trying to fry my brain and destroy my mind so that I will be unable to write. They fear my words; the truth is their greatest enemy.

I will fight the fascist scum until I am no longer able.

Everybody dies. As I've repeatedly reminded them, I am not fearful of crossing over, but, were I they, I would be absolutely terrified!

Actions have consequences.

God sees all.

Haven't heard from Stalked In Oklahoma in three days.  I pray for her each day that she may survive, and their merciless attacks on this fine, totally undeserving woman are just another atrocity they commit. Hell awaits, worms.  Hell awaits!

Never quit!  Never, ever quit!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

My traffic source Stats have been blocked for several days.  Guess the snails squirm when I check them. They're cowards to the bone, but you already knew that, didn't you?
Things are looking grim for both Stalked in Oklahoma and me.  She is heading for the hospital tomorrow because of the intensity of the hits she is suffering from these murdering scum, and I am feeling that I won't last much longer myself. Perhaps we will meet on the other side.

Whatever happens to either or both of us is just another murder carried out by these baby rapers and, of course, the psychopaths will skate as they always do. But, everyone dies and they will also, of course.  I don't know how I will be received, but my guess is that their receptions will be less than pleasant.

Vaya con Dios, SIO.  You are loved.